Living the Dream

I am 25 and married, and far from being one of those walking clichés of boredom and monotony that the “mid-20’s and single is superior” bloggers decry from their ill-informed articles, I am living life to the full. I am still young and unencumbered and adventurous. In fact, I think anyone who knows me would agree that I am more adventurous now than I was several years ago.

This summer I traveled to 8 new countries and 3 new states (bringing me up to 30 states). I served kids at risk in the Amazon Jungle, allowed monkies to jump on my head, and did a laundry list of things I did not think myself capable of:

  • Canyoning in foothills of the Alps
  • Scuba diving off the coast of Italy in the sunken city of Baia
  • Climbing to the mouth of the active Mount Vesuvius
  • Walking up the Eiffel Tower in Paris
  • Hiking to Pulpit Rock in Norway

I took over 4,000 photos (still sorting through them) and connected with my Italian roots all while getting gorgeously tan and eating an ungodly amount of gluten.

It was fantastic.

I was literally living the dream, my friends. Why did it have to end?

I decided it doesn’t have to end. Choosing to live an adventure is just that: a choice. I can be grateful every day for my “normal” life, and still pepper it here and there with my traveling passion. Life always appears sweeter on the other side, but as soon as I make it there it’s like I have Instant Memory Loss.

Here I am, in America: Grr, argh, why does my car always have to have mechanical problems? I wish I didn’t have to deal with a car.

Here I am, in Paris: Grr, argh, why is it so impossibly difficult to get onto the metro? I wish I had a car.

A life full of complaints is a life squandered. I have now seen poverty in every part of the world: from Las Vegas to Colombia to Rome. Those people would give anything to have the opportunities I have, to be blessed with the material possessions I often complain about (like my car).

I would like for my world traveling to mean something, to be greater than “just a vacation”. I like to think it gave me greater appreciation for other cultures and people. I certainly saw beauty in humanity, nature, and art. I have decided to take this appreciation and this beauty and use it to glorify God in thankfulness and allow Him to teach me to be generous with what He has given me.

I would like to share the beauty of this world with you through my pictures and stories. But first, allow me to encourage you, you who I may or may not know, and whose life is precious in the eyes of Christ. Just because you’re not traveling around Europe doesn’t mean you’re not living a life full of wonder and adventure. I hope one day to be as blessed as you, and I sincerely hope you get a chance to travel the world if that is your wish!


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