image iPhoneography

I received an iPhone as a generous early Christmas gift from my eldest brother and sister-in-law.  I’m pretty sure he wins Brother of the Year Award automatically because of this.  My brother and sister didn’t just bring me into the 21st century; they gave me a tool for me to explore unchartered lands.  I was looking for a new hobby, and my iPhone is it.  I’ve fallen in love with iPhoneography.

I love photography in general, a passion inspired by my mother’s skill and talent, and my natural personality as an artist.  My iPhone is convenient and trustworthy; I always have it on me, and it takes fantastic shots.  Instagram was my gateway drug into the fantastic world of iPhoneography.  It opened up my eyes to the possibilities of photo manipulation.  I started to explore photo apps, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and I started creating beautiful works of art.  I could take good images and turn them into something fantastical and creative, or keep them in their original state with a few tweaks.

I have found inspiration through various social media platforms: Instagram, IPA, and Tadaa.  today I learned about Starmatic, so I will be checking that out as well.  There are so many brilliant photographers out there just waiting to inspire people like me.

You’re welcome to follow me on one or more of these platforms: Tadaa, Instagram, iPhoneArt (IPA), Flickr

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