The Simple 5 Food Experiment

I’ve had a simple rule most of my life which was: avoid the kitchen, unless cookies are involved, and then get involved (mostly with my mouth).

My mother, God bless her, attempted to teach me to cook. She’d tear me away from whatever television show I was watching and say, “Look, look how simple this is. Just take the meat anddipitineggsandthenpourabunchofbreadcrumbsonitandmakesurethatthe temperatureisnottoolowbecauseyoudonotwanttoget food poisoning. Badda bing, badda boom.”

(or at least, that’s how it sounded to me at the time.)

And yes, maybe I did unhealthily fixate on those rare moments in my youth when I was cooking and she’d tap her foot with the impatient loving rage that fills all Iron-born Italians and forcefully push me out of the way of the oven because I was ruining whatever meal I was attempting, rather pitifully, to make.

But again, Italians. We’re all a bunch of drama queens.

(Those of you who know are nodding your head in understanding.)

So I just gave up and figured my life existed outside of the kitchen. There were other people, more wise and dedicated, who could craft my meal with excellence. In fact, I’ve had a rather enjoyable life as a tourist foodie traveling around and living this dream.

But now, my friends, is the time for me to stretch my wings. I started baking a few years ago for the home baked delicacy of the aforementioned cookies. In desperation I baked, new to the gluten free realm and living in a world where store bought gluten free bread was synonymous with flaky and disgusting. I followed gluten free food bloggers like my life depended on it, and after many trial and error attempts, managed to become an accomplished baker.

I realized that I avoided recipes that had too many ingredients because it was intimidating to a novice like me and it was pricey to keep in my stock piles. My ideal recipe was 5 ingredients or less.

I am no longer gluten free, which means my boss can’t make fun of me as much, but it does mean that I can bake all manner of delicious things, including my occasional gluten free delights. Since I feel so confident in baking, I figured at some I should point learn to cook. Actually cook.

In an effort to self-identify as a Domestic Goddess without dripping in sarcasm, I’m going to start off slowly and simply in the kitchen. I encourage any and all Millennials who lack courage in the kitchen to join me. I challenge those Generation X-ers who don’t want to be in their late 20’s, unable to cook raw meat with confidence. I humbly accept the cooking advice of anyone who is not me.

The Goals for my “Simple 5” Food experiment:

  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Stick to 5 ingredients or less (not including staples like salt and pepper)
  • Have fun

I’m excited to try this, for reasons that I think are fairly obvious to anyone who has been an adult for longer than twenty seconds. Cooking my own food will be healthier for my body. I’ll be able to easily control what I eat all day long. Cooking is also much cheaper than going out to eat most nights of the week. Cooking is also fun, especially if you pretend you’re in Potions class with Professor Snape.

I’ll share one new recipe a week that is either a personal recipe or one that I’ve found. If you have a recipe you’d like to share, by all means, send me the link or submit it to me. Let me know who to give the credit to.

Let’s see where this goes, shall we?

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog to keep up with the weekly recipe updates for the Simple 5 Food Experiment!



  1. I hear you! I recently saw a recipe that I liked the photo of, but when I saw the ingredient list, there were 30 items. I immediately knew I’d never cook that recipe. Keeping recipes to 5 ingredients means that you can taste each of the ingredients and as a result I’m more mindful of balance of flavours.

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